Patch table

This is un unsorted list of what you can find on SynprezFM II. I initially wanted to sort by categories, but it was too complicated: the best approach would have been to tag each sound (maybe several times), and allow access according several criteria, but I prefered to let the user explore.

I just kept the tradition (started 50 years ago) to use names that have nothing to do with the actual sound :-)

builtin01 builtin02 builtin03 builtin04 builtin05 builtin06 builtin07 builtin08 builtin09 builtin10 builtin11 builtin12 builtin13 builtin14 builtin15 builtin16 builtin17 builtin18 builtin19 builtin20 builtin21 builtin22 builtin23 builtin24 builtin25 builtin26 builtin27 builtin28 builtin29 builtin30 builtin31 builtin32