SynprezFM: FAQ

Sound recording?

The new version has a capability of recording, that will be based on 1) recording the user input into an event file 2) then batch rendering of sound into a WAV file. This 2 step recording will not change a great deal the user experience, but it will definitely allow small machines to cope with IOs.

Where are the WAV files I recorded?

Regarding the Android version of your device, there are 2 options:

Is it possible to have a simple interface?

The DX7 interface was basically a series of buttons identifying a parameter, and a slider connected to an LCD display to setup this parameter. I tried to make interface easier to use, but the truth is that on small screen, this is tedious to shift from one function on another (there are more than hundred parameters to define a sound). Actually, the area to scroll horizontally the widget strip is limited to the upper part, where you can find the titles (Volume, Memory etc.). This is to avoid changing by accident some parameters while scrolling. I plan to add a more intuitive design on the next release. No release date for the moment

Why support small devices and not dedicate the application to tablets?

A lot of synthesis applications work on tablets, the challenge was to make a high quality synthesis on small devices. Leaving aside sound parameters setup (tedious on a small device), the synthesis is supposed to be possible on either devices. This is why I prefer putting no restriction on screen size too, because FM synthesis can be fun also on small machines! ;-)

What about MIDI interface?

This version supports MIDI for Android devices 3.1 and above.

last update: 2021/07/11