Shored: a Simple Hypertext Offline Russian-English Dictionary
by Jean-Marc Desprez

What is Shored?

Shored is a free Android Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary, that offers 55000 russian words with their accented declensions for nouns and accented conjugations for verbs, with most of the times examples of sentence and translation.

It does not require internet connection so its data are cramed into 5M, quite few memory for an Android application. The navigation is intuitive and mimick web browsing.


There are several ways of browsing the dictionary:

navigation sample navigation sample

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Source and references

The origin of the dictionary is OpenRussian. It was also the source of inspiration for the graphic design.
OpenRussian is itself derived from a series of collaborative web sites:

Here, you can get the file containing the processed dictionary data: dumpdict.tgz


This application creates different types of information:
None of these information are transmitted anywhere by any mean.

No personal data are either collected, stored or transmitted.


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last update: 2018/03/01